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Flex Soft Metallic Transfer Printing - Single Colour Metallics Professional Quality Custom Printed Laser Transfer Prints, Forever Flex-Soft - Ready-To-Press

Flex Soft Metallic Transfer Printing - Single Colour Metallics Professional Quality Custom Printed Laser Transfer Prints, Forever Flex-Soft - Ready-To-Press

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Professionally digital printed full-colour laser transfers for self application to t-shirts & other products. Our white toner transfers are highly detailed laser printed with an A3 (11"x17") OKI Pro 8432WT Professional series printer. This listing is for a digital transfer print onto Forever Flex Soft No Cut Low Temp transfer media and married to the adhesive layer and glue residue trimmed from the edges.

*** If you need a transfer printing URGENTLY, please send us a direct message and we'll give you our latest timings, availability and prices for a priority order ***

*** Transfers pictures are ONLY EXAMPLES to show the process (more info about the photos further down), this listing is to print your own custom artwork to transfers for you to apply yourself ***

Essentially, you get ready to press transfers for use with a good quality branded heat press. Cheap and budget presses may not produce reliable or consistent results which we cannot be held responsible for. A good quality heat press is ESSENTIAL to apply our transfers. A domestic iron with no ability to apply pressure will NOT WORK properly. We cannot be held responsible for improper application of our transfers. We will provide an application chart with your purchase detailing the time, temperature and pressure required for your chosen range of substrates.

We provide this service for professional or semi-professional people and businesses that don't have a White Toner print facility but would like to add low cost short run transfers to their line-up.

We're also providing this service with users in mind that are interested in purchasing a white toner laser printer and wish to see how their designs look and feel once applied to the substrate of their choice. This also enables such users to understand some of the process and how the transfers are applied to their garments and other substrates and how they hold up under washing, drying and ironing.

The transfer pictured is just an example to show how your printed transfer would look on an A4 sheet with the adhesive backing layer 'pre-married' so all you need to do is press to the garment, peel cold and apply a finishing/fixing press with the supplied finishing sheet.

Full details and pressing instructions will be provided on purchase.


- Provide your artwork as a PNG, PDF, SVG, AI or TIFF
- Only a single colour artwork file is required. If possible, please saved as 400% CMYK/W
- Vector artwork must have all fonts and shapes converted to curves
- Minimum of 300dpi (lower resolutions will be scaled up)
- Please leave at least a 10mm margin/border around the whole page to allow for the peeling and trimming process
- Fit whatever you want on the page, the price stays the same
- Ideally important parts of the design should NOT be less than 1mm thick, some tiny dots may not transfer

It is highly recommended that you design your artwork to suit the technology of this process. Large solid prints will feel papery and are great for promotional items that don't require any washing or items that don't have any stretch in the fabric (for example cotton tote shopping bags)

For increased durability and better washing, larger print area must be broken up to contain negative space for the shirt to show through. This can be achieved using distress masks, halftone knockout masking or dot/line rasterization using a professional RIP package. See images for examples of which images will hold up better in the wash without cracking.

If you don't have a RIP, we can provide this service for you for an additional fee. Please purchase from this link and provide as much information as you can about your preferences (critical is knowing the substrate colour for which this will be applied) for how you want this processing. There are a few options, the most affordable is just the one we think works best for your file. The most expensive provides you with some alternative renders so you can see how the print will come out and how it will look once applied to the shirt.


- Metallic Gold & Silver Flex Soft No Cut media used (you can have any colour but we don't stock everything, so some colours and sizes will need ordering in. This typically take 1-2 days, so we can still usually get your order processed within the 1-3 days as promised)
- The smallest detail in the design measures less than 1mm high
- The negative space (black areas) shows the t-shirt colour through the design and gives increased durability when washing.
- This was printed on an A4 sheet


- We will not print ANY items that infringe on someone else's copyright, trademark or intellectual property. This is illegal.
- Fair use and parody designs will be accepted if we are happy that they don't infringe. You are ultimately responsible for the artwork you create and anything that is deemed too close to the original or a brand conflict will be refunded and cancelled.
- Don't take this personally, please get in touch if you feel your artwork is genuine and should be reconsidered. There are significant numbers of fraudsters in this business cashing in off the back of Disney or Warner Brothers' IP and we will NOT do this under any circumstances.
- We are a professional outfit and operate legitimately. Our prices may well be higher than our competition but we produce the best colour reproduction, definition and detail (that's possible from the artwork provided) and do not profit from ripping off other people's designs.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Hannah T

    Phill is amazing. He really pulled out all the stops to make sure I got my order in time. The quality was perfect. Highly recommend!

    Lareo M

    Parfait, avec une presse à chaud professionnelle ça marche parfaitement


    Absolutely amazing! Very easy to apply and it withstood machine-wash. Phill's great customer service has made me a repeat-customer of his. Highly recommended.