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Custom Waterslide Decals with WHITE UNDERPRINT For DARK Surfaces - Full Colour Digital Laser Printed Transfers - Ready-To-Apply

Custom Waterslide Decals with WHITE UNDERPRINT For DARK Surfaces - Full Colour Digital Laser Printed Transfers - Ready-To-Apply

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This product is for waterslide transfers that can be applied to DARK surfaces & substrates as the CLEAR media sheet is first printed with a WHITE layer for your artwork and then the COLOUR layer is printed over the top. This process is known as White Underprint, Underprinting White or simply 'Printing white underneath' :) 

If you are applying to white or light substrates or surfaces, please click here to order these transfers instead.

This means these transfers can be used on any colour substrate and you are no longer limited to application on lighter substrates :) 

It's a bit more of a process our end so they're more expensive than the normal waterslides we offer. You don't have to change your artwork in any way, just supply the png or other files type that supports transparency and we sort out the processing for the white our end.

Also note that this process is NOT required for white only graphics, this can use our standard waterslide printing process. 

It's difficult to photograph these examples, we've done our best, especially when it comes to the white layers :) 

Professional digital printed full-colour laser transfers for self application to heat sensitive materials and items that won't fit under a heat press. Our transfers are highly detailed laser printed with an A3 (11"x17") OKI Pro 8432WT Professional series printer. This listing is for a digital transfer print onto Forever Waterslide HT transfer media (CLEAR media only).

All our transfers are ready-to-apply, we don't need to add a border to your artwork. We have no minimum or quantity (MOQ) and prices are per sheet. You can gang as much as you like or whatever you like on a sheet.

*** If you need a transfer printing URGENTLY, please message us and we'll give you our latest timings, availability and prices for a priority order ***

- Full colour printing, including black & white
- Full transparency supported
- No need to weed, weed-free application
- High resolution quality digital printing including very fine details
- Fit as many of whatever you like on the page
- Apply to things like a hard hat, door, table, wooden furniture, fish tank, candles, plastic, acrylic & more!
- Some applications may require a sealer/lacquer coat, varnish or seal to prevent wear and make the transfer more hard wearing & durable

*** Transfer pictures are ONLY EXAMPLES to show the process (more info about the photos further down), this listing is to print your own custom artwork to transfers for you to apply yourself ***

We cannot be held responsible for improper application of our transfers. We will provide application instructions with your purchase detailing the application process required for your chosen range of substrates.



- Provide your artwork as a PNG, PDF, SVG or TIFF
- Vector artwork must have all fonts and shapes converted to curves
- Minimum of 300dpi (lower resolutions will be scaled up)
- Please leave at least a 10mm margin/border around the whole page to allow for the peeling and trimming process
- Ideally important parts of the design should NOT be less than 1mm thick, some tiny dots may not transfer
- Any WHITE in the design WILL BE PRINTED as this process has the ability to print white. If you don't want the white printing, please remove it from the artwork before submitting as a png with a transparent background
- If your artwork file is larger than 50MB, then it probably won't upload to our site. In this case just upload ANY image file to your order and add a comment during checkout that you're emailing over the full sized file or WeTransfer link for us to use for printing :) Our email can be found in the Contact page top right 

* DISCLAIMER:- All graphics/artwork/logos/etc supplied to us for printing must have the necessary rights/permissions/authorisations from the original creator of the art, intellectual properties and/or copyright/trademark registrations. As we can’t possibly check all artwork supplied to us, it’s assumed that by ordering from us and supplying the artwork, you have all the necessary permissions for using those artwork files in the capacity for which you intend to use them. Any liabilities and issues arising from artwork provided will be the sole responsibility of the provider of the artwork to us and/or the individual placing the order with us.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    David Tarron
    Great transfers

    I needed some really tiny transfers for models, while the dot resolution isn't as high as the original artwork, the outcome was still very good. The transfer material itself works very well. Much of my design was white and looks great. I would like a tinted backing paper though, so that the white transfers are easier to see on the sheet.

    Gene Fallaize
    Custom but disappointing

    I designed these simple white transfers myself, which supposedly came with a white under print, but about 50% of the transfer became invisible as soon as it contacted the water. I applied it and left to dry and was disappointed to see it had dried that way. Thankfully I had 4 printed, so overlaid a second transfer on each which meant the white was only about 10% translucent. Very disappointing considering I paid more for a product designed specifically for this use.

    Lee May
    Amazing service, super fast delivery

    We needed the transfers urgently for props we were making for a TV commercial shoot. Phoxy were super quick with responding to questions, gave helpful advice and fulfilled our order in a frankly impossibly short time. Highly recommended and the sort of customer service every company should aspire to!

    Keith Hemmingway
    Best waterslides

    The waterslides are of excellent quality and the service was second to none. It was and will be a pleasure to deal with this company. From the Initial conversation with Phil through to the application of the waterslides was excellent.
    Thanks, I will be placing another order soon.

    Tomas Finlay Nadal

    Custom Waterslide Decals with WHITE UNDERPRINT For DARK Surfaces - Full Colour Digital Laser Printed Transfers - Ready-To-Apply